UCLA HSSEAS Engineering Open House

<p>Hey, I'm gonna be a bioengineer next year and before I was even admitted, I was invited to an open house that will be taking place this Sunday.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering if anyone else is going and if anyone else has gone in past years? If so, (to those of you who went when you were an incoming freshman), how was the experience? I kinda have big hopes for the whole thing and I'm planning on SIR'ing right after I come back home from it. Will I be disappointed?</p>

<p>Secondly, I haven't really received any confirmation or additional information since I RSVP'd almost a month ago. Has anyone else been contacted regarding this?</p>

<p>Wow, just got an email about this a couple of hours ago that I didn't check lol. So ignore that part.</p>

<p>I'd still like to hear about how other people felt about the open house from previous years.</p>

<p>I'll be attending and volunteering as a part of the bioengineering contingent. I'll see if I can wear something descriptive...</p>

<p>I'll be there helping out the CS dept. :D</p>

<p>Put simply, the HSSEAS Open House was what made me decide to attend UCLA. I had always heard good things about the school, but when I went to the open house I got to see the beautiful campus and, more importantly, learn about what the CS department there was like. I liked the profs I heard speak, and their overview of the department gave me a clear picture of what I would be doing as an undergraduate. There are also representatives from housing, computing facilities, etc. who also added information, and there's a housing tour if you want to see what living on campus is like. But the best part, for me, was the luncheon. I sat with a 3rd year student who was assigned to answer any questions our table might have. Nobody else was very interested in talking to her, but she and I spoke for over an hour about the university in general, the department, the courses she'd taken, and my high school preparation. She was so nice, and told me to add her on Facebook so I could come to her with any additional questions. To this day she checks in every once in a while to see how I'm doing.</p>

<p>I know that was mostly my personal experience, and that I have no experience with BioE, but I hope it helps =]</p>

<p>I'll be on the student panel (and attending lunch) for the CS open house portion :) I was on the panel last year and met a lot of parents and students who knew me from CC. It was kind of weird at first, but I'm glad to have impacted many students' decisions to join UCLA engineering.</p>

<p>Hope to see some of you there!</p>

<p>@dylpkls91: What year are you? We should meet at the open house!</p>

<p>I know someone that is on boardd for BMES (the bioengineering society). I heard that they're pretttyyy convincing if they really want you to come! My friend chose UCLA > Berkeley Regents & a pretty good ivy after attending.. haha.</p>

<p>Two days ago or something, one of the professors really convinced an incoming freshmen (I think he couldn't make it Sunday or something) and his parents that UCLA was the best choice for him -- I think he's submitting his SIR to UCLA.</p>

<p>i might be there for bioE so i might cya there!</p>

<p>I'll see if I can put a CC or something on my nametag. Identify yourselves!</p>

<p>@MadeInChina I'm a first year, and it'd be great to meet you (and thank you in person for all the random advice =] ) but unfortunately I got assigned to help with the Undeclared Engineering session rather than CS :(</p>

<p>hopefully see some of you today!</p>