UCLA IGETC Certification Question

<p>For those of who get into UCLA, Did they received your IGETC Certification yet? Cux, my college sent my IGETC on June. But they havnt received yet.. just want to know how many ppl had their IGETC in UCLA?</p>

<p>they received mine...u checked ur DPR and it wasnt there?</p>

<p>it wasnt there...</p>

<h2>mine: </h2>

<pre><code> - General Education Requirements -


<p>Dept Course Term Grade Units GT</p>


<p>You will be exempt from all UCLA general<br>
education requirements upon receipt of your<br>
IGETC certification. This is contingent upon<br>
successfully completing any transfer work in<br>
progress that is being applied toward those<br>
requirements. You must request your community<br>
college to send your IGETC certification to<br>
Undergraduate Admissions.</p>

<p>Yeah, my college sent it in June and my DPR doesn't say it's been received.</p>

<p>Call admissions and they will tell the DPR evaluator. They were missing my spring courses from one of my CCCs after my DPR was "finalized." So they updated it with the spring courses and now it's truly finalized.</p>