UCLA - International admission for CS

Hello @aggies1989

Wanted to check on UCLA GPA/ SAT midrange for international students for CS ?
and whats the admission percentage?

Not specific for CS but target around the 75th percentile for GPA and test scores.

See International admit data:

Hi @chits30 I wanted to add that CS at UCLA is school of engineering which is harder to get into than most CS at other UC’s which typically is in letters & science. I vaguely recall back in 2017 when my kid started, the median school of engineering entering freshman was somewhere around 4.6 weighted and a 1550-ish SAT. This for all students though, not just international. Accept rate into CS is around 4-5%.

@chits30 @aggies1989: Only UC Davis and UC Berkeley offer CS in both College of Letters and Sciences and the College of Engineering. UCI has its own College for Information and CS majors. The rest of the UC’s offer CS in the College of Engineering.

UCB offers EECS in the College of Engineering which is a direct admit and CS in the College of Letters and Sciences which does not admit by major. You cannot declare the major until you complete the pre-req courses with a 3.3 GPA.

UCB offers Computer Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering which is a direct admit. CS in the College of Letters and Sciences admits by division within the college.

@chits30 . . . I just wanted to add to the conversation above that UCLA has CS combined with other disciplines.

b**Here’s a description of all the Math Majors, Minors, Specializations the University offers, which includes Math of Computation and Applied Math at the following link:


b**Stats, is listed in its own department and has some computer-based classes:


and it also lists Data Theory here which is more CS-based than Stats. They’ve kept the Stats major “short,” so students can combine it with Econ, Bus Econ, Applied Math, Specialization in Computing, etc., and there are nine key classes in the major, 100A-C, 101A-C, and 102A-C.

b** Then there’s a Computational and Systems Biology major, with some students going straight for a MS in Biostats, Bioinformatics, etc. Here’s a link:


b**Cognitive Science has some built-in CS classes, with some students taking the Specialization in Computing with it:


b**There’s a minor in Geospatial Information Systems & Technology, which students attach to a Geography or Geography/Environmental Studies major:


b** There’s also a minor in Digital Humanities, which some have attached to Humanities, Social Science majors:


b** Here’s the Specialization in Computing courses, listed under Program In Computing:


Generally, almost all majors can add this specialization.