UCLA Logon ID trouble

<p>When I get to the page where it asks you for your name, birthday, and UCLA ID #, I get stonewalled, saying that there's no record of me in the system (and yes, I did get accepted, haha). Is this happening to anyone else?</p>

<p>what ID # are you using?</p>

<p>use the number on the top right of your admission letter. don't copy/paste, actually type it in</p>

<p>I did...still my information doesn't match anything on file.</p>

<p>It's the number from your UC (not UCLA) application (not admission letter...not that I've seen one of those); 7 characters I think.</p>

<p>^ Yes that's right... it's the UC Application #.
The UCLA # is for the logon account set-up you do afterwards.</p>

<p>Tried it, still doesn't work. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait for UCLA to sort through it all.</p>