UCLA Math Department Transfer


I have a question regarding on transferring from CC to UCLA. On the UCLA website, it states “Required by the spring prior to transfer: four semesters/five quarters of calculus through multivariable.” However, I did not take Calculus I due to transfer of AP credit. The Assist page or the UCLA website does not say that the AP credit fulfills Calculus I. However, I know that math is not an impacted major, so do you think the admission officers will overlook that? I have every single prerequisite completed with a competitive GPA except for Calculus I.

Any input would be appreciated.

Not a problem, I passed out of Calc 1 with my AP score at my old school and the math department advisor told me yesterday at orientation at UCLA it’s no big deal :slight_smile:

@fncrane When you say “old school,” do you mean at a CC? So I am taking your statement as you didn’t take Calculus I, but still got accepted as a transfer applicant to the math department. Am I correct?

Thanks for the input

Your AP will suffice.

No I transferred from another UC. I didn’t have to take Calc 1 there because of my AP score, but I was reassured that this would not be an issue at UCLA.