UCLA math/econ lower div. preparation

<p>UCLA math/econ lower div. preparation
one of the preparation is
MATH 61 Introduction to Discrete Structures (4)</p>

<p>and I go to Fullerton College and they have
MATH 171 F & Discrete Mathematics (4)
MATH 172 F Graph Theory and Linear Algebra(4)

<p>for that requirment. but because of conflict in schedule .
i cannot take Math 171 . in this fall .
If i think about it . If i cannot finish 171 and 172 at FC ,
and have to take Math 61 at UCLA , that sounds much nicer.
And even if I take MAth 171 during spring , I cannot finish 172 . </p>

<p>does half of preparation count as something ??
Is incompletion of preparation crucial minus??</p>

<p>In your case, I believe Math 171F in your school = Math 61 at UCLA and Math 172 F = Math33A at UCLA. These are two different courses and you get credits for the ones you take; if not then you have to take it at UCLA. </p>

<p>However, if the courses are in a series, you either get the series credit (if you finish all) and nothing (if you miss even 1 course). This is not your situation, though. </p>

<p>By the way, I just graduated with a math degree from UCLA few weeks ago.</p>

<p>Math 33A Linear Algebra and Application is
prepared by Math 250B in my school. which I already took .
I do not think Math 172 fulfills that . I think its latter case
that works as series. </p>

<p>But do you know if not completing preparation due to schedule
conflict affect decision?</p>

<p>For that, yes, it will hurt. Your best option is finish them because missing some courses can create some disadvantages for you against other candidates who also have the similar profile like yours.</p>

<p>In a matter of fact, I personally know 2 friends who had 4.0 GPA but were missing 1-2 major courses and they were rejected by UCLA. This was back in 2006.</p>

<p>thank you very much....
i guess my classes have to end @9:50 everyday to do take the calsses.. lol </p>

<p>do you know if , changing from math major to math/econ major is difficult at UCLA after transferring?</p>

<p>Not at all! You fill out a yellow paper (not sure if they change color) that can be found in the math administration office, and then give it to Christin (current math counselor) and within 1 week, you will hear the result. Also, do it as soon as possible because sometimes they don't approve your change of major if there are too many getting into that major especially the impacted ones. </p>

<p>For math, there is this math/applied science with accounting/management that was impacted and somehow they cancelled this major officially by now.</p>

<p>Since you are math major, if you have any further question regarding your major, I will be very happy to help you out! </p>

<p>Welcome to our Bruins Family!!!!GO BRUINS!!!!</p>

<p>Thank you very much.. kevin101 .
I am still thinking if I should apply as Math/econ major or
Math major . If I prepare courses for math major , i can get IGETC and preparations done. But if prepare for Math/econ . I cannot get IGETC done but GE done and preparations done. Which do you think I have better chance? .</p>

<p>Math and math/econ require almost the same preparation... also, IGETC will fullfill the GEs requirement for both of these majors so for you, you should better get your IGETC done plus a bunch of math (calculus to differential equation). For econ, of course you need micro and macro econ,too. Other than that, both require the same preparation.</p>

<p>Also, if you don't mind, please share your stats... GPA, which major courses you have completed and grades on those courses, IGETC yes/no etc...</p>

<p>Im planning on transferring in one year .
Units I alreay have (AP + classes took during highschool)
AP calc BC = 8
AP statistics = 4</p>

Mus Appre. A = 3</p>

College Physics B = 4
Calc3 B = 4</p>


<h2>LinearAlg/Differential Eq. A = 4</h2>

<p>Summer 08(current)
Eng100 at least B , A (80% sure) = 3
Psych101 A(90% sure) = 3</p>

<p>I think gpa up to now is 3.62
Im sure it will be higher by the end of fall .
Its because of two classes that i took as high school student .
I didnt have enough time to study.</p>

<p>For math/econ
I have to finish