UCLA Math Majors - Math 95?

Hi, I was posting to see if what your guys’ thoughts on Math 95: Transition to Upper Division Mathematics was.

I was originally not planning to take it at all if I had to pay for it, but now that I received the scholarship to take it (mostly need-based and for CC students), I’m considering it since it’s a free class basically. Is it worth it?


Unless you are already comfortable with writing math proofs (some discrete math courses include this), such a course may be a more gentle introduction to writing math proofs than having the learn it while taking upper division math courses like real analysis and abstract algebra.

If a time Machine would take me back to the summer of 2012 I would have taken Math 95… Math 115A and 131A aint no joke, and they already expect you to be adept at writing proofs… luckily I already had taken Math 61 (discrete math) at community college, so that somewhat prepared me…