UCLA MCDB & Physiological Science Double Major?!?!?!

Hi. I am currently accepted into UCLA as MCDB major. However, after looking more into other majors and their respective curriculums, I realized I am very interested in Physiological Sciences as well. So, I plan on majoring in both. I did the math and it should work out and fit into the unit credit threshold. There are some benefits from overlapping courses as well. I was just wondering if this is a good idea and if there are any concerns I should be aware about before going through this process.

You definitely want to check with your academic advisor. With a quick search, I found the following information:

Students in good academic standing and on track to graduate on time may be permitted to have a double major, consisting of majors from two departments within the College. Both majors must be completed within the maximum limit of 216 units, and students must obtain the approval of both departments and the College.

With few exceptions, double majors in the same department are unacceptable. No more than 20 upper-division units may be shared by both majors.