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I’m a CCC transfer student who was waitlisted at UCLA for their nursing program but I’m actually curious as to how many people and who got in/waitlisted to the program (both freshman and transfer) this year. I haven’t been able to find any information on social media who was admitted this year which was surprising. Also, does anyone know if UCLA actually uses their nursing waitlist? I’ve seen one case on Reddit for a freshman waitlist who was accepted in to the nursing school but seeing that UCLA only admits 10 transfers in to their nursing program I feel like this is going to be highly unlikely. If anyone has any information on any waitlisted applicants getting accepted to the nursing program at UCLA please feel free to share that information down below, and if possible please include your stats!

Hi I also got waitlisted for the UCLA School of Nursing as a transfer for Fall 2020. I’m not sure how many they take off the waitlist since their is only 10 transfers accepted. But someone from UCLA emailed me and said everyone on the waitlist accepted their spot. Now they wait for the transfers that got accepted to complete their intent to enroll. If some of them do not complete the intent to enroll then they start picking off the waitlist. If you don’t mind what is your position on the waitlist for transfers?

@meggielegs123 I’m currently ranked number four on the waitlist but truthfully I don’t know if I’m in a good position? I don’t know how many other waitlisted people there are for nursing transfers and whether anyone would even decline their offer to UCLA if they were admitted. Also, it seems like UCLA started accepting 10 more freshmen annually so I’m a bit bummed that they didn’t increase the threshold for transfers as well. What is your position on the waitlist? And if I may ask, what are your stats?

@nursetransfer1 I’m currently ranked 5th on the waitlist. I also agree I am unsure if that many people will decline to go to UCLA especially for nursing. I didn’t know they were accepting more freshman, it would be very nice if they accepted more transfers. I am a bit concerned because I think the odds are very slim that 4 or more out of 10 would decline their position. Also I have no idea how many are on the waitlist and I felt a little rude asking the man that emailed us about the waitlist. I don’t think there would be very many more because I wouldn’t think they get a large amount of people declining.
My stats are:
GPA 3.23
EC/Volunteer- Painted Turtle counselor, coach for a youth cheer team, dental office, cadaver dissection project, and honors program
I also have been employed as both an SI and tutor in Anatomy and Microbiology.
I’m not sure what else, if you don’t mind me asking yours as well?

@meggielegs123 I really hope both of us will be fortunate enough to be accepted in to the program but I haven’t been able to find any information about previous waitlisted people getting in to the nursing program. There just isn’t a lot of information going around in terms of people getting in to the nursing program so it’s hard to find new information. Are you writing a waitlist statement in the information box? I’ve heard varying opinions on how effective it is, like some people (freshmen) were admitted off the waitlist at UCLA without writing a statement and some wrote a full on statement.
My stats are:
GPA: 3.94
Major Prep: Wasn’t able to complete one biology course that is a major requirement due to scheduling issues this Spring but otherwise done with everything else including the recommended courses
EC/Volunteer: 100+ hours of volunteer at a hospital, 250+ hours of clinical experience as a CNA (got my license in December 2019), worked in a medical consultant office for about 3 years through school, received administrative honors and deans honors at my CCC but was not in the honors program, and working towards a mental health first aid certification

Honestly my ECs are quite weak and I didn’t include much in my awards/EC section in my application but my supplemental application was fairly strong at least. I had relatively good recommenders for my LOR like my organic chemistry professor and my CNA instructor and I graduated my CNA program as top of the class but that’s honestly it.

No I figured I wouldn’t write a waitlist statement because its not going to move me up the list any or create more room in the program. I also figure if 5 out of the 10 transfers drop and I manage to get in then thats some crazy odds, but I would hope that those that got in accept because they have earned it. Also I don’t think they have much information about the waitlist anywhere or many discussion posts either. Congrats on your stats! That’s a crazy amount of accomplishments and especially obtaining your CNA license. It sucks being waitlisted especially after having done all that work but just being waitlisted itself is still really good because not everyone can say they got waitlisted for UCLA School of Nursing. Best of luck and hopefully spots open up! Let me know if you hear anything or even get moved up the waitlist! I will do the same.

@meggielegs123 ah I see. I’ve actually been on the search for admitted students in to their nursing program for this fall and I’ve actually found four so far but I think they’re all committing to UCLA. I just wish UCLA would expand the number of spots available for transfers, especially since there’s always a shortage of nurses. :confused: Also I would suggest you write a statement if there have been any updates since you initially applied just in case! I’m not sure how to admissions process works but I hear they review both your update in your waitlist text box as well as your application so if you have had any significant updates that weren’t included in your initial application you should add it just in case! :slight_smile: I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything! Good luck, and I think the earliest day we’d start hearing back is June 2, according to Mark Covin (UCLA SON Admissions director(?)).

It would be fantastic if they expanded the transfers to 15 or 20. That’s what I am kind of hoping for since all this corona stuff, maybe they’ll say lets take a few more people than usual. I might take you up on that because maybe it would help. Thank you. And good luck to you as well! Also if you found a discussion page for those admitted send me the link. I would love to see it!

Hi! I know this is like a year later, but how do you see your spot on the waitlist?

I assume you’re asking for nursing. The School of Nursing will contact you with your position on the waitlist, if they offered you an opportunity to waitlist. I personally contacted the School of Nursing representative that was the initial person to contact me with my position once I opted into waitlist. Although they will notify you of any changes to the waitlist, I moved on the waitlist and they didn’t notify me, I emailed every so often to check. If you do get offered to waitlist, I would do it. I went from 5 to 3, which I did not expect at all. Best of luck!

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Oh I see thank you! They haven’t contacted me about the waitlist position yet and it’s been almost two weeks since I accepted the waitlist offer, so I hope they will contact soon or I will just end up emailing them. Thank you!

Did they already email you the decision this early?

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Oh I’m applying as a freshman! I’ve seen other freshman last yr know their ranking as well but I couldn’t contact them so that’s why I asked u guys. I think they’re gunna email us in mid April when waitlist offers are due.

I’m also a CCC student who got waitlisted!

Hi! I just got waitlisted for 2021 Admissions and I was wondering how I can find out what rank I am on the waitlist?