Ive always wanted to do business and do marketing or become a financial adviser in the future (I know they aren’t similar at all, but I don’t know yet and I want to experience both before making a final decision)

I know UCLA only has business economics (which I hear is just Econ with bits of business) and UCI has business admin.
I am also interested in mathematics/economics & Mathematics, Financial Actuarial (B.S) at UCLA. But they are both more math than economics.

Which option do you think would secure me a job related to either marketing or a financial adviser?

Get into the schools first before deciding which is better for you. Neither is a slam dunk although you look competitive for both schools based on your posted stats from your other thread.

You have plenty of time to research which school would offer you the best academic program to succeed. Just remember neither will hand you internships or get you a job, that is up to you so when the time comes, select the program that fits you best academically, financially and socially.

For jobs, the employers are more concerned with your job skill set than the name on the diploma.

@Gumbymom thank you for the advice! I guess experience is looked at more than the diploma out in the real world.