UCLA Orientation Check-in Time

<p>For those of you who attended orientation last year...</p>

<p>I know orientation is a month away, but I was wondering if we'd miss anything important if we check in at noon. I'll be taking summer session, and I'd rather not skip class.</p>

<p>same here...</p>

<p>check out old posts on this...most say arriving on time is pointless and give a good time to get there...i believe they said around 11-12 but check for yourselves</p>

<p>Thanks, Eshug1.</p>

<p>but on the UCLA orientation mail i received, it said the transfer orietation start from 7 and end at 9...</p>

<p>why the ffff is it so long??? 14 hourss jeeze</p>

<p>^thats what she said</p>

<p>I went at noonish. Maybe 1. When I got there my group was about to eat lunch, so I got lucky in finding them before they had disbanded. From what I gathered, I didn't miss anything.</p>

<p>@Sopheee - Did you receive your counselors number or any way to reach them if you knew you were going late? I def. don't want to go at 7 in the morning...</p>

<p>i think the little thing we received in the mail told us that they want us to arrive anytime before noon-ish, if i remember correctly... maybe all the important things come after lunch.</p>

<p>Seeing from last year's thread, the only 'important' thing is signing up for classes, which we do at 7pm. I hope I'm not wasting money/time...</p>

<p>i still haven't received any info about orientation in the mail :(</p>

<p>how would we find the orientation group if we dont get there on time?</p>

<p>Eshug1-ask around? maybe we'll know our group name/number before orientation.</p>

<p>How do we know what placement tests we should take, if any?</p>

<p>Did anyone do the Educational Planner? The one that you have to complete before going orientation? I did it and submitted, but later on go back to the site to see if everything's there, and found out that it was gone....Like I never submitted anything....but at the same time I cannot fill out the form anymore...know what I mean? I got so freaked out, does it mean that I submitted an empty survey? But I wrote everything down and checked it twice before submitting it...anyone has the same problem?</p>

<p>^ Are you checking the 'survey' link? Mine still shows up... :&lt;/p>

<p>yeah the survey link...i did the survey like, yesterday acutally, and i checked twice yesterday and it was there..but today i tried to log in again and it's empty,, and at the same time cant fill in anything on that page..... :(</p>

<p>hey edel,</p>

<p>I got there and wandered over to kerckoff, in the open area in front of the coffee shop. Some people were hanging out with orientation shirts and I went up to them and they pointed out my group (and also gave me a bunch of free stuff). </p>

<p>Gosh, I really can't remember when I got there, but I think if you get there by 11:30 a.m. you don't have to worry about finding everyone because the organizers are still around. If my group has disbanded for lunch I wouldn't have ever found them (or any other orientation people probably).</p>

<p>Sophee- </p>

<p>Did you participate in TSP last year? TSP prefers all students to participate in orientation 206 which is at the end of July. I am concerned I may not be able to register for the classes I need.. </p>

<p>If you went through TSP, did you have a hard time registering for classes? </p>

<p>thanks. :)</p>

<p>No, I don't even know what that is! I went to the first orientation session.</p>

<p>conniek - same thing happened to me. Now the page is blank and it locked me out of editing it. I emailed UCLA (the newbruin email) about it a week ago and never got a reply.</p>

<p>And you need to be there by 1PM:


  • If you do not come to the session by 1:00 pm on the day of your session, your session enrollment will be cancelled and you will still be responsible for all fees.


<a href="http://www.newstudents.ucla.edu/trsessionschedule.htm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.newstudents.ucla.edu/trsessionschedule.htm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>