UCLA out of state

I am a parent of the prospective student at UCLA, but we are out state and I am wondering if there is a way to become instate at UCLA.

Not unless you and your family move to California and become a permanent resident

Or your kid gets married! Til debt do us part: UC Berkeley students are marrying to save on tuition

And if your student is currently past 10th grade is is probably too late. It takes 366 days in CA to establish residency, among many other conditions. So as a parent you’d need to be here for a full year, and that year would need to be up while they are still a minor

. Parent Moves to California While Student Is a Minor - A Minor Student whose custodial Parent moves to California derives the Parent’s California residence only if the Minor Student moves to California with the custodial Parent. If the Minor Student does not move to California with the Parent before reaching the age of majority, the Student will not derive the benefit of the Parent’s California residency and must fulfill the Residency Requirements as an adult independently of Parents

Its very hard to become in state. And even if you take all those steps there is no guaranteed because the student was admitted as out of state. They close loopholes so people don’t game the system.

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My Daughter is a OOS Bruin, Class of 2022. The answer is basically a hard no unless you want to relocate your entire family to CA.