UCLA Regents Scholarship...

<p>So I was asked to compete for the Regents Scholarship at UCLA...is that a good sign for acceptance (I really hope it is)? I think it's a good sign but can never be too sure. Did UCLA ask anyone else?</p>

<p>While decisions are not up for transfers, your invitation for Regents is a sign that you've been admitted. Congrats and what are your stats?</p>


<p>Not for transfer students.</p>

<p>UCLA only sends the regents scholarship out to students with 4.0s or, in some rare instances, to those with really close to 4.0 GPAs. From a outreach mentor that works for UCLA and CAL, she said receiving the regents scholarship basically means you are accepted. It isn't 100% but the percentage change of being accepted when you have regents is ridiculously high.</p>

<p>sorry, my mistake. didn't see the transfers heading.</p>