UCLA Rescinded Offer?

The only required courses left for my senior year were a government course and an economics course. Despite this, I decided to take somewhat of a rigorous senior schedule. Covid-19 hit my family economically hard. After my first semester, I got a job doing landscaping to earn extra cash. I needed to drop my Calculus and Physics, but this change allowed me to get off before lunch and go to work. My previously set aside college fund was temporarily used to help family members who had lost their jobs. I would not go back and change anything, however, it did make me financially unstable for the upcoming four years. I decided to apply for an ROTC scholarship in order to pay for the majority of college. I have worked the last few months to earn money for my freshman year. The dropped class was not done out of the inability to earn adequate grades in the course, but to work. I had a 94 and 97 in those classes before dropping them. I am a hard-working student and have dreamed of attending UCLA. Do you think I will be rescinded? Thank you for your time.

Absolutely not. If anything, they may consider your case and re-evaluate your financial aid to offer more. This pandemic is hitting many people hard and colleges are very sensitive to changes in people’s’ lives, so your circumstances will not hurt you. Wishing you the best during these hard times.


Thank you for this response. It made me a lot less stressed

But you should contact them and let them know.


Already did. Wrote out close to what I put above. I wanted to be upfront with them so it doesn’t seem weird come June when they get my transcript. Thanks again


Yeah, they do not like surprises. Good luck.