UCLA Rescinding

So like I got into ucla. And i am an international who took AP Calculus AB from uc scout - online. It was bad and didn’t suit my learning style. So I decided to take it from Apex Learning. Will they rescind me for taking it from ALVS. I mean online school is so hard while balancing offline Indian curriculum.


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You should be proactive and let them know.

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Yes, I mailed them. Thanks

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curious how the two programs compared? Was one harder than the other?

There is more content and syllabus on Apex. While on UC Scout you can have multiple attempts on quizzes and assignments, but on Apex you have only one. The questions tend to be harder on Apex. Apex is 50$ cheaper compared to UC Scout. Apex also has tests which are helpful for the AP exam. If you want to take one I suggest you to go with the Apex course, because for 50$ less you can get better prepared and take a rigorous course. Rest all its pretty much the same.