UCLA Rieber Vista Housing

<p>I got a triple private bath.</p>

<p>Triple Shared Bath</p>

<p>wat is the approximate cost for triple private bath and triple shared bath? if you guy dont mind to share your information</p>

<p>If i do 19P meal plan it's $13,177. If I do the regular 19 meal plan it's $12,777.</p>

<p>I know the private bath is a few hundred more, and all of the prices depend on meal plans. </p>

<p>Here's the prices on the ucla site:
2010-2011</a> Contract Housing Rates and Payment Plans (1004377)</p>

<p>Rieber Vista, double shared bath. Liking the double part, not liking the price.</p>

<p>^ My thoughts exactly, Sunnyseas.</p>

<p>I've asked this in another thread, but why is everyone so excited about rieber vista? I have a triple with a shared bath :/</p>

<p>my first choice was a triple shared bath, not really the building. I know rieber vista is pretty new, but I don't really know much about it. It doesn't have its own dining hall, like the de neve places, but we can go where we want to eat, like right across the way at rieber hall.</p>

<p>Anyone looking to switch? Message me!</p>

<p>Sunset Village/Double/Shared/Male</p>

<p>i've heard that a shared bathroom is not that bad, it all works out
so yea! triple shared bath</p>

<p>Does Reiber Terrace house fresh->senior students? I know it's not all transfers, so there has to be some sophs and continuing juniors and seniors there right?... probably a couple freshy'z too?</p>