UCLA Security Clearance Issue? =/

<p>I noticed that you have to swipe your Bruincard for EVERYTHING at UCLA, even to access some of the on-campus housing buildings. Does this mean that if we are staying in say Reiber Terrace we cannot go visit friends in Delta Terrace, Reiber Vista, etc. unless they are physically present with us when we walk into the building? Does our Bruincard only give us access to the building that we are staying in? If so, that's lame.</p>

<p>yes the bruin card only lets you access to your dorm. and for the other dorms you have have your friends have open the door for you in order for you go in theirs.</p>

<p>That... is pretty lame... But I guess safety comes first.</p>

<p>Booooo, but I agree, I rather have to go open the door for my friends than letting some stranger into the building. ;x</p>

<p>Usually traffic is so high through the dorms that you can come in while someone is coming in/out and usually they're nice enough to hold it long enough for you to get in. </p>

<p>I've never waited longer than 3 mins to get into a building, or someone from behind the desk comes around to open it for me. (Helps if you're a girl lol)</p>

<p>all the uc campuses including UCLA requires a student ID to access the campus facilities. example: dorms, libraries, price center at UCSD (nightime) and many other places on campuses.</p>

<p>I'm not saying that it's not a good thing that UCLA has what I guess you could call "security checkpoints", but they should have made it so that attending students could wander freely among the housing communities. </p>

<p>Now I know why there is a big fuss about being placed in a housing option that is in a socially dead environment... once you're in there you're stuck with those people!</p>