Ucla ship

<p>I dont have insurance of my own. Is uclas insurance good or should I look for a private one?</p>

<p>I have some qualms with how Arthur Ashe uses technology to communicate important news to people (sometimes, a phone call is better). Otherwise, you'll find that is especially handy to have your health care right on campus. It is so easy to get an appointment (just log online after midnight to have your pick of same-day appointments). I'm a woman who generally found the medical professionals to be excellent. </p>

<p>Some catches --
--Apparently, the eye doctor inside Arthur Ashe is overworked. Luckily, if you sign up for SHIP or GSHIP, you get EyeMed, which allows you to see eye doctors off-campus. Dr. Jon Vogel of Village Eye Optometry is excellent.
--Not sure if you have to sign up for the dental plan separately. But the dental plan includes the dental school, which can be time-consuming to access (appts last 3 hours), but if you ever need any major work done in school, it is so so cheap. I went with a private dentist in Westwood to get wisdom teeth removed, and felt like such a fool when I finally compared prices to the dental school.</p>