UCLA Sociology vs USC Business Transfer

Basically got in for both… transferring from UCSB Economics.
Want to go into marketing/ could start learning business at my parents company after college.

I really love UCLA’s campus and vibe from my tour but only got to see USC at night. Also really like UCLA’s location being that’s its close enough to downtown but not in it.

Regarding major I definitely want to do something business related after college but hear that major doesn’t matter much for what I want to do.
Cost is a non factor for me due to aid. Also got admitted for SPRING at USC not fall like I wanted.

Just worried about if a sociology major at UCLA would be “worthless” for what I want to do and quite honestly I admire the prestige of UCLA.

Any advice is appreciated!

I would be concerned that a sociology major isn’t going to necessarily give you the quant skills you would get at Marshall…are you accepted to Marshall?

What type of job/career are you looking to do?

I agree that a degree from Marshall will do more for you than sociology. Do you want to work for your parents after graduation? What will you do at their business? If you gain marketable experience, your degree might not matter.

The cost of three semesters at USC is significantly higher than two years at UCLA. Did you receive any aid?

As far as college community/environment, Westwood is safer than the area surrounding USC.

Since you are presently enrolled at UCSB Econ, what do you hope to get at UCLA/USC that is lacking in your present program?

I was accepted to Marshall for Business Admin but as a spring admit.

I definitely want to do something business related but honestly don’t have a great grasp on it yet… thinking marketing as of now which is why I feel Sociology might be applicable

Working for my parents after graduation is definitely a really fortunate opportunity for me as I will be able to get my feet wet into some aspects of business. As of now, I am honestly not exactly sure what I want to go into for business but feel marketing suits me which is kind of why I feel like a sociology major wouldn’t be so bad. Overall though, the opportunity at my parent’s serves as mainly a safety net for me if landing a job for me proves difficult or I am figuring out what exactly I want to do in business.

The aid I received made USC and UCLA the same cost for me which made my decision harder haha.

Thanks for the info, I definitely do have to consider more my plans out of college.

UCSB’s Economics program is incredibly theoretical in my experience and I realized I do not enjoy studying it. I also just do not enjoy the area and campus life and always wanted to study in Los Angeles. While the program is great for career opportunities I do not feel in place here if that makes sense.

Since you are not very sure of the major, i would say USC Marshall is a better fit. There is more flexibility in picking majors at USC.

I have heard UCtoUC transfer is hard, how were you able to get this to work?

Doing a lot of research on my own, calling the schools a ton and working really hard to maintain my GPA.

Thanks for the advice!