Ucla supplemental questionnaire

<p>Is an email from ucla wanting more info good? Does it mean i have a chance or is it just to everyone? Do i have any percent of being accepted or a higher probability? Have you guys gotten this too?
I felt like i had low stats for ucla so maybe it doesn't mean anything. Please help! Thank you so much!</p>

<p>It means that you're still in the game to be accepted. It's usually handed out to those who are borderline, which means that if you know you are borderline, you should feel comforting that you still have a chance. At this point, applicants have either been accepted, rejected, or put in the maybe pile. This means that you are in the "maybe/need more information" pile. If you are borderline, this should help the admissions office understand which side of the line you belong on, which is a blessing. The game is half-way over, and although you have not been accepted yet, you have also not bee rejected because there is no reason why they would want more information from a rejected applicant.</p>

<p>I got the supplemental questionnaire last year for both UC Berkeley and UCLA. I got spent a lot of time on them, and got into both schools. Here's my advice: Work your ass off to perfect these essays because it's your last chance to make an impression. They might be missing something that they are looking for on your application that you need to elaborate on. If you really want to get into UCLA, don't take this lightly! When I finished mine, I felt relieved that I gave all that I could that I still had a chance. </p>

<p>Be happy that you have this questionnaire, because it means that you still have a chance! No one wants to feel borderline or have uncertainty, but at least you're not rejected do far, while others have been rejected already. </p>

<p>Due to this questionnaire, I got into my dream school, UCLA. Work your ass off and leave no doubt in their minds that you should be here. Goodluck! (:</p>

<p>What were your stas as what major did you apply as?</p>

<p>The questionnaire is likely to be issued to students with special talent, disability, and/or borderline academic performance. At this point (end of January), UCLA should have concluded the freshman application review and separated the applications into three piles: accepted, denied, and additional information required. The questionnaires are issued to those applicants where additional information will inform the admission decision.</p>

<p>Questions on the UCLA Supplemental Questionnaire are overtly broad. You will need to go back and review your UC application to determine what aspects of your background have prompted the questionnaire to be issued. Regardless of reason, you will need to carefully fill out the questionnaire as this could be the final piece of information to determine your admission outcome.</p>

<p>Does that mean those on rejected pile will be rejected and accepted pile will be accepted?</p>

<p>I applied as a bio major. I applied as though it were my reach school.</p>

<p>@Iglooo, yup, that's the idea.</p>