UCLA TAP and not accepted?

<p>Has this happened to anyone? Wondering if there is even the slightest possibility to be rejected..<br>
No one has really been able to tell me an actual admit rate on TAP students..</p>

<p>Yeah it can happen people with 3.0 gpa and Tap aren't going to get into impacted majors. If you miss pre-reqs but have TAP you can be rejected.</p>

<p>^ Well the double-side to TAP is the chance of being admitted by your alternate major.</p>

<p>you can be rejected with TAP if thats what you're asking.</p>

^ Well the double-side to TAP is the chance of being admitted by your alternate major.


<p>True thats the upside of TAP but if your not meeting the pre-reqs or your gpa is low its still a very slim chance.</p>

<p>what im confused is what does everyone mean by "meeting the pre-reqs"? do you guys mean not have your prereqs done yet or not showing progress to completing them by the end of spring. this is the one thing that is freaking me out because i only have 2 major prereqs done and am currently doing one right now. im missing one major prereq because it got canceled due to the budget cuts. so does that mean i can kiss UCLA goodbye despite being tap-certified and having a 3.75 GPA?</p>

<p>Chipi, due to your unusual situation, I'd recommend contacting UCLA's Admission Office and speaking with them personally.</p>

<p>"meeting the pre-reqs"= completing all the classes listed under your major on assist.org by the end of Spring before transfer.</p>

<p>If your major is not impacted, you can still have a very good chance of getting into the major with without completing all the prereqs.</p>

<p>what about a 3.28 english major all prereqs met, igetc completed fall 08?</p>

<p>^ Skeptical with a 3.28 GPA, we'll just have to see how things turn out.</p>

<p>I'm applying as a Poli Sci major. </p>

<p>I tried calling the poli sci advisers before but they dont seem to pick up, lol.</p>

<p>Don't you get prioritized with a 3.1+ for UCLA's TAP?</p>

<p>Most TAP programs require you have at least a 3.5 anyways so it's not like TAP gets people in with low stats. They have to have good ones just to be in the program in the first place. My school says 95%+ of their TAP members get accepted which sounds very impressive... until you realize all these people had to have a 3.5+ gpa anyways.</p>

<p>chutneyy; with a 3.28, id say you have an 8/10 to get into an english major with tap if youve done prereqs and igetc.</p>

<p>sstory, that is not true. most ucla tap programs require either a 3.0 or 3.1.</p>

<p>w/ tap to a non impacted major; youre practically guaranteed ucla if you have a 3.35+.
i have not heard of ANYONE getting rejected to UCLA with TAP certification when they completed all prereqs and igetc.</p>

<p>When I was applying to UCLA via TAP from my CC (Mt. SAC), they kept beating into our heads that if you qualified for TAP, you'd be just fine.</p>

<p>In fact, I had qualified for TAP without taking ANY math class in college (which automatically got me rejected from UCI and UCSD). Thanks to TAP, UCLA sent me a letter in the mail requiring me to take care of the math class the summer leading up to my first quarter at UCLA (and get a B or higher) so I could keep my acceptance. Sure enough I knocked out College Algebra at Citrus College that summer and got a B. Yay.</p>

<p>Do we have up until Spring to complete TAP or does TAP need to be done before applying to a UC?</p>

<p>^ If you applied to UC's in Fall of 08', then you have until the end of this Spring to complete TAP.</p>

<p>if you're applying under a major that doesn't have any pre-reqs listed on assist (such as asian american studies), UCLA only expects you to have IGETC and TAP courses completed, right?</p>

<p>ernily, correct</p>

<p>my counselor said you needed to be done w/ all your tap classes by the time you apply?
this is confusing.</p>