UCLA then CPA then MBA?

<p>I'm doing some preliminary research about what MBA program I would have a chance to get into, a few years down the line, perhaps 2016 or so. Here is my info: </p>

<p>-B.A. from UCLA, Economics, class of 2010, 3.09 GPA
-Currently working as a Staff Accountant for a software company
-I aspire to have my CPA by 2013 or 2014</p>

<p>I figure I could easily get into University of San Francisco's MBA program. What about NYU or other top schools? Any insight or advice?</p>

<p>I notice that for a lot of the top MBA programs, the average GPA of admitted students is in the range of 3.2 to 3.5, or even 3.0 to 3.5. I found this surprising.</p>