UCLA transfer admission chance. Help!

<p>Hey everyone, I really need some opinions here. I'm a communinty college student hoping to transfer to ucla this fall as an Anthropolgy (B.A) major. I will have all of my pre requs done after this semester (just need to finish a linguistic anthro class). My gpa is a 3.3, it's pretty low :( and I got a D in one class this past semester (not a prerequisite class FYI). Nevertheless, it bought my gpa down significantly because it was a five unit class. I have a lot of extra curriculars, volunteer at a hospital, honor club, and I have a job. I think my essays were pretty good as well. Will this d ruin my chances at ucla? Should I just apply to other schools because I feel like a 3.3 is super low for ucla. I'm also NOT in the honors program. Advice people please! Thanks!</p>

<p>If I dont get in, I plan to appeal too.</p>

<p>The D was in a bio class. & I already fulfilled the biological science part of the igetc with another class btw.</p>

<p>So you're applying the next time around? It might still be worth it. I've read through all the UCLA acceptance threads on here, and a lot of people get into UCLA for Anthro with sub 3.5 GPAs.</p>

<p>No, I already sent my application this past fall. So I'm a hopeful transfer for fall 2012.</p>