UCLA Transfer Admission Rescinded


I’m a CCC transfer student who recently got accepted into UCLA. I got accepted while having 2 C’s in my fall semester, which was already submitted to ucla before I received my acceptance. Part of my admissions contract states that I must notify admissions if I receive 2 or my C’s outside of grades I have already reported. I got a C in my physics class over the winter semester, and I also have a C in my current physics class.

I just sent in the academic update for my C over the winter, but have not told admissions about my current C as the grade is not finalized. However, I highly doubt I will be able to get a B in that class. Is there a strong chance of my acceptance being rescinded? I am so terrified and have been filled with anxiety since submitting my update.

All you can do is call admissions and keep your fingers crossed.

The bigger question is how foundational will physics be to your major? If you’re choosing engineering for example, it could be a problem. If you’ll never do anything related to it again, not so much.

Good luck!


Thank you!

After taking these 2 physics classes I’ll never have to take another physics class again. I’ll just be doing upper div environmental science classes