UCLA Transfer and Pesky Pre-reqs

<p>I'm applying to transfer to UCLA this upcoming fall and I was planning to do so as an anthropology major. However, I will most likely be missing pre-reqs because I took some from an OOS university, and the last is only offered at 7 colleges in CA (I counted). The worst case scenario is 1/4 done and I'm wondering if I should apply with a different major. I started my CC life as a psychology major and I have the majority of those pre-reqs done. It wouldn't be too difficult to finish the rest. </p>

<p>The jist of my question is this: Would I be penalized more majoring in anthro but missing pre-reqs or a majoring in an impacted major with all pre-reqs done (and then changing to anthro)?</p>

<p>(I'll have TAP most likely, and my GPA might be a 4.00 though I might lose it. It shouldn't slide beneath 3.8.) </p>

<p>Thanks for reading this through this post (and thanks even more if you can answer my question)! :)</p>

<p>From what I hear if you are missing more than 2 prereqs you are automatically denied.<br>
It may be different because you are TAP certified.. Can you take summer school? </p>

<p>Have you thought of double majoring? If it isn't too much trouble to take the Psych prereqs I'd do that and then add a major once at UCLA.. Then if you decide to, you can drop the Psych once you are at UCLA. I know it sounds like a hassle but at least then you'd be guaranteed admission and you don't want to wait another year. </p>

<p>Good luck and congrats on the 4.0..</p>

<p>Since you'll be in TAP, you should apply under psych and put down anthro as your alternate major. It is OK to have a few pre-reqs missing for your second choice, but def. not for your first (or only).</p>

<p>(1) Firstly, a TAP for which major?
(2) From your post, in any given scenario, you plan to graduate from UCLA as an Anthro major no matter what, yes?
(3) Are you transferring with all your units from CCs or Universities? This would affect your standing. If you apply with over 120 units NOT from CCs, chances are you will not be accepted because you would not be in junior level standing. This breaks up my advice into:
(3a) If your units are not from CCs, apply in the fall. You do not want to risk going over junior level standing. If you plan to transfer and switch majors, you will have to take all the lower div preparation you are lacking at UCLA.<br>
(3b) If your units are from CCs, then I would recommend finishing your preqs at a CC. It'll save you money and you will probably be able to do better than if you took it at a UC.
(4) You will not be penalized at all for majoring in an impacted major with all pre-reqs done with a 4.0 GPA. You will face some hassle with changing your major, but you do that once you're accepted anyways. You will, however, be less competitive if you apply in the anthro major if you are missing preqs. How much less competitive is anybody's guess.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback, everyone!</p>

<p>To address individuals,</p>

Ouch, I wasn't aware of that. Yes, I can take summer school. I was thinking of offering to take any missing pre-reqs during the summer if I go to UCLA and I'm also looking at double majoring, but most likely I'll petition to switch. </p>

<p>Thank you. :) </p>

Somehow alternate majors slipped my mind. Good advice!</p>

<p>@Mr. Oblivious
1) Haven't filled out any paper work yet. TAP would be for whatever major I'm applying as.
2) That would be preferred but I'm flexible.
3) Most of my units will be from CCs, but some will be from 4-years. I should have around 75 semester units at most, only 8 from a uni. (Long story.) I believe that's 112.5 quarter units. Would this put me under (a) or (b)?
4) Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it</p>

<p>Having a combination of both puts you at a limit of 135 quarter units (90 semester units) This being the case, I recommend you to apply in the fall under psych and petition to switch. If you are aiming for the Anthropology BS degree (vs the BA degree) I don't think you will be able to double major and finish in 2 years (if money/time are a concern) if you are missing so many preqs (although some may carry over from your Psych preqs, you'll have to check Assist to make sure). If you go for the Anthropology BA degree, it's manageable. Ultimately I wish you well, and tell us what you decide to do.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, Mr. Oblivious. You've been really helpful!</p>