UCLA Transfer - AP Credits?

Quick question…

I’m aiming to transfer to UCLA for Fall 22. I’m targeting Film & TV Production (I’m a filmmaker/videographer who’s worked in and out of industry for 6-8 years and have been looking to finish my undergrad in business but thought I’d throw UCLA Film a bone).

By the end of Spring 22, I’ll have 61 credits completed at my community college (out of state). However, I took a “computer information” course my first semester that I feel 90% confident won’t transfer, putting my total at 58. Now, I do have 3 AP scores to send to UCLA (Human Geo - 3, Stats - 3, World History - 4) that I figured would serve as a cushion for the 60 credit minimum requirement and get me to the high 60’s. However, looking at the AP credits awarded for the School of Theater, Film, and Television, all of mine have “no application towards General Education.” Whereas all 3 transfer into UCLA’s “The College,” for example.

So, does that mean they won’t count towards a possible film major’s GE requirements? Or they won’t count at all towards UCLA? I’ve already reached out to UCLA transfer admissions but was curious if any of ya’ll know more about this and/or have experience with it.

Thanks and best of luck transfering!

UCLA admissions would know.

It is a competitive major, so they are your best bet in answering your question.

In general, AP units do not count towards fulfilling general ed requirements at UCLA. They will, however, count towards the total units you need to graduate. I am not sure how that applies to the number of units the School of Theater, Film and Television uses to evaluate your application. As was mentioned above, you might call the school and ask them.

You will need to take non-AP courses to fulfill the GE requirements listed here.