UCLA Transfer Chance

<p>Applying to UCLA Business Economics for Fall 2011 admission</p>

<p>GPA: 3.83 w/ TAP</p>

<p>EC: VP of stock and investing club
member of accounting society
member of business leaders society
member of phi theta kappa honors society
work experience
volunteer experience</p>

<p>Prereqs: All done but Calc 2 and Manegerial Acct to finish in spring
Igetc done</p>

<p>Also will be applying to Berkeley Economics, USC Marshall, NYU stern,</p>

<p>No chance cause you are competing with me and my four-oh…</p>

<p>But seriously for UCLA you have a good shot cause of TAP</p>

<p>You’re in at UCLA and about a 60% chance at Berkeley. USC Marshall…decent shot there too.</p>


<p>I’m not asking simply to be obnoxious, but rather out of curiosity… 60% chance? Where are you getting this information?</p>

<p>Well, the TAP for UCLA pretty much gives you a major boost, and that’s why I said you’re in there. As for Berkeley, you can go to UC statfinder and create a table. Run a few, small stats tests and actually come out with a percent chance for yourself if you don’t believe me.</p>

<p>But knowing the admit rate for Econ (statfinder) and your GPA, that’s roughly the percent chance - 60%…leaning to higher I would say.</p>

<p>So you actually ran a table at statfinder and calculated his/her odds of acceptance based entirely on GPA?</p>

<p>How does his GPA being in the 60th percentile (assuming that’s what you calculated) translate directly to a 60% chance of acceptance?</p>

<p>This is what I mean about well-meaning but ultimately damaging “chancing” going on around here. It’s not ****ing constructive. People need to pull their heads out of their rear ends and start using them instead of asking for random strangers to throw random numbers out concerning the odds that their future will work out as expected. It’s absolutely ridiculous.</p>

<p>Really, 60% is quite good considering that you had a 95% chance at being an international student and really only something like .5% of the population had a chance at being a CCC student.</p>

<p>From what I’ve heard, Berkeley Economics is not as hard to get into as UCLA Bizecon. Any truth to this?</p>

<p>Also, how is Berkeley’s economics program ?</p>

<p>it’s not bad. not as good as UCLA’s econ program.</p>