ucla transfer chances?

<p>Okay so I just started at a local community college in orange county, ca. I actually took one class over the summer and I am currently enrolled in 12 units. my top choice for transferring is ucla. I am going to join the honor society next semester. i couldn't this semester because it was impossible to get an english class, but i will hopefully be in one next semester. along with that i will join honor society clubs. I recently tried out for student government and did not get any positions because the competition is so high. besides these honor clubs and honors society that i will be starting next semester/next year, i want to know what else i should do to liken my chances? i will be starting internships throughout these next 2 years related to my major and i will be employed soon. i will also get straight A's. is there anything else i need? student government unfortunately isn't an option for me at this point. thanks for any advice!</p>

<p>I would say work on your personal statement? I'm not sure if the UCs require a personal statement for transfers.</p>