UCLA Transfer FAQ's


Congrats all! The ever-wise @Happy2Help suggested that we start a new thread of facts like the one already stickied to the top of this form.

Since the buzz currently seems to be about what to do now that you’ve been accepted, I’ll start there. Hopefully other experts like @Cayton or @2016Candles or @lindyk8 can chime in as well :slight_smile:

Other topics for posts I was considering:

-what is assist.org and how do I navigate it
-how/where do I apply for UC?
-what is a TAG? where can I find the TAG matrix?

-who reads my essay?
-i made a grammar/spelling/syntax mistake, am I doomed?

-whats the Transfer Admission update?
-where do I submit UCB’s forms?

-what is a SIR and how many can I submit?
-i dropped/failed/otherwise messed up a class, what do I do?
-how/where should I apply for housing?
-when are the different deadlines?
-what/when is orientation?
-what is a DAR?

As usual, links/sources are greatly appreciated where they are missing. Additionally, any new/specific questions should be posted to the regular forms (AMA threads are frowned upon on here).

Since it looks like we are in the acceptance phase of this cycle. I’ll start with the last bullet point, “when are the deadlines?”

One great resource is the Newly Admitted transfer checklist:

Another is the tracking sheet I made last year (all dates are 2015):
SIR: 4/19
AP Scores: Sent 4/19, Marked 4/29
Official Transcript: Fall: Sent 4/19, (email confirmation on 4/22), Preliminary Pending 4/29
Summer aid: applied before 4/30, confirmed 5/1, updated/finalized 5/23
Education Planner: submitted 5/23
Debt Management Course: completed 6/5
BruinBill Direct Deposit: set up 6/6
UCLA Recreation Acct: created 6/7
Housing: offer made 6/4, accepted 6/11
BruinCard: applied 5/20, accepted 5/22, picked up 6/23
IGETC: applied end of April, Certified by SMC on May 8, Marked by UCLA 6/25
Official Transcript: Spring: ordered on 6/22, completed 6/25, marked on MyUCLA 6/25
Applied for Fall Quarter Parking: (exemption for work) 7/1
Financial Aid: Regular: FAN official (?) on 7/3, MPN on 7/3
Ashe Center/CAPS Forms: completed 7/6
Degree Audit Report System (DARS): updated with ‘Transfer Evaluation’ up to Winter 2015 on 6/8, audit showing equivalent coursework 6/25 (up until Spring 2015), complete 7/6
DEN Pass: bought 7/15, bus pass bought 7/15
Orientation: enrolled 6/4 for 7/13, attended 7/13
Think About it course: email reminder 7/17, completed 7/18
AlcoholEDU: email reminder 8/11, opened 8/17, complete 8/17
Transit Financial Wellness: email reminder 8/11, opened 8/17, complete 8/17
Dorm assignment: 8/27
Volunteer day waiver: signed 9/9

Hope this helps! If I missed anything, or anyone thinks of other topics, let me know!

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We need this! Thank you, Luckie!

Also here is the original thread that was started in 2009:

Assist.org outlines transfer agreements between the community colleges and cal states/UC schools. Use it frequently. It’s updated all the time and is considered an official reference source.

^ Excellent.

I think a post of the many different links would help too. I’ll get started on that.

Also, there should be a financial aid part post.

And for people who don’t know about the DARS system:
go to MyUCLA -> Academics (on that little bar between ‘classes’ and ‘finances and jobs’) -> Degree Progress/Audit Report -> run an audit.

I posted a picture of what it looks like here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/18704096/#Comment_18704096

IGETC will be under ‘General Education Exemption Status’. Other courses will be listed on ‘Transfer Evaluations’

I checked this religiously after I sent in my Transcripts/IGETC

Working list of important links:
UC Transfer Info:



Profile of admitted students:

UC App:

Admission Portal:

Any ideas on what scholarships are available for high income family students who are living independently? Caucasian, parents are college educated. Should I just visit the scholarship office? When are most of them due by?

@grimmghost https://alumni.ucla.edu/scholarships/prospective-students/

Community College Transfer Alumni Scholarships (CCTS) are for students transferring to UCLA from a Community College.

Scholarships are awarded through an application screening process by alumni volunteers. The scholarship award is divided into equal annual installments to be paid over two years. Deadline: May 1, 2016


Applicants must attend UCLA beginning the fall quarter immediately after transferring.
Eligible students must have a minimum 3.75 GPA.
At the time they apply, applicants must have completed the equivalent of 90 UC-transferable quarter units, at least half of them from community colleges.

Again, the deadline is May 1st! This is the likeliest option I see offered through UCLA. There may be outside scholarships you could look into, but to my knowledge, most are need-based, or are for underrepresented people.

Why does it say May 8th on the link? Thank you @goldencub You’re the best

My best advise is this:
Handle all your business this summer in regards to submitting forms, transcripts, payments, etc. @luckie1367 did a great job with the list. But beyond that, just enjoy the summer. I know anxiety runs high with anticipation, but enjoy this time. You worked hard, and reached your goals.

UCLA is amazing, but it will also make you reevaluate your life choices every day. You’ll be studying for an exam, reading hundred of pages, writing never-ending papers, and think “I volunteered for this sh*t??? WTH!” You’ll think about the CSU that you declined and wonder if they still have a spot for you… That pretty CC GPA will likely not shine so well. Your daily choices consist of studying/ going to class/ working/ sleeping/ socializing/ working out - and honestly, only 3 of those are likely on any given day, so choose wisely my friends.

BUT once it’s all done, you’ll realize that you are stronger and smarter than you even realized. So like I said, handle your business this summer, but enjoy the rest and relaxation. A blue & gold storm is coming, and it’s aiming right for you. :wink:

The deadline was extended.
The email they sent out to everyone says May 8th and I called their office and they representative spoke to her supervisor and said they haven’t updated the page.

I’m planning on doing TAG with UC Irvine for computer science, and I am planning on sending my TAG form this Fall so that I can transfer by Fall 2017. If I maintain my GPA and fulfill all the requirements, do I still need to write an essay to get admitted?

@luckie1367 Shall I send my transcript before my spring semester ends (May 23th), or after it ended and send the transcript along with Spring 16 course grades?

For transcripts:


You should send transcripts twice – once by June 1st that shows your grades through the prior Fall and then by July 1st for Spring grades.

If your quarter or semester ends in May, will your CC post all grades in time to send the official transcripts by June 1st? Due to the Memorial Day holiday, it would be safer to send transcripts twice.

If you take summer courses (maybe you want to finish those missing prereqs) then you have until September 1st to send those grades – that would be 3 times you send your transcripts.

Also for IGETC certification, it appears that the CCCs do them differently - some put the certification with the transcript, some do it separately. Some take more time than others.

^ Yep, I sent mine twice, and sent IGETC seperately

@happy2Help @luckie1367

Okay I’ll send it separably. Although will cost me extra money, it is wiser not to risk it and potentially void my contract.


@luckie1367 On the summer financial aid app they asked us to list units enrolled, but i barely got accepted for next fall, so how do I fill in that part?
btw thank you so much for this!!

@grimmghost @selimpride It’s May 8th. I got May 1st from the scholarship’s description - it might have already been extended by the time I posted the comment, I dunno.

@uclabruin96 The summer financial aid app is just for any classes you take for summer school. Just estimate, you can always email the FA office later.

@luckie1367 oh oh I see. Thank you so much!!!

Hi, does anyone know if we should only include things in our application for the Alumni Scholarship that we are currently doing, or is it okay to put things in from high-school or that we stopped doing a few months ago? Thanks!