UCLA Transfer Needing Advice

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>First off I will give you a slight bio of myself:</p>

<p>Took 3 and a half years off in between high school and returning to college
Worked those 3+ years full time
Attending a top CCC
Currently hold a 4.0 G.P.A
Will apply to UCLA in fall 2010 for fall 2011 admission
Plan to apply to Medical School there after
Will complete all Life Science/Pre-Med requirements prior to transfer with the exception of physics. I will need to complete physics 6B and 6C at UCLA</p>

<p>My Question:
I am torn between becoming a Psychobiology major and Physiological Science major. I am interested in both but I would really appreciate past and/or present UCLA undergrads advice on this topic.</p>

<p>I have heard...</p>

<p>Psychobio Pros: Ineteresting, easier, still able to take electives such as biochem
Psychobio Cons: Some upper division classes are extremely boring</p>

<p>Physio Sci Pros: Great prep for med school, possibly the best prep for med school at UCLA
Physio Sci Cons: Harder, ultra competitive (thus hard to maintain gpa), must devote more time to studying meaning less time for extra ciricular activities.</p>


<p>Thank you all in advance for your advice!</p>

<p>Never taken a Psychobiology course before, but I just want to reply and say that I am unaware that there are different rankings among CCC? What is a top CCC?</p>

<p>You are correct it does sound quite humorous to "rank" community colleges and in general this is not done. That being said, there is a general consensus that CCC's with higher transfer rates to top tier universities are more competitive. Additionally, CCC's with a higher percentage of their respective faculty holding a phD are also seen as more competitive. In the end they are all community colleges and you will only obtain as much as you put in.</p>

<p>Anyone willing to give advice and opinions on the original post???</p>