UCLA Transfer Questions


<p>I am currently enrolled at Los Angeles Pierce College. Since I am an English major, I need to take 5 foreign language in translation courses. Because English 203: World Literature I is needed to satisfy this major I am taking it Los Angeles Valley College because Pierce does not offer it this semester. On the assist.org page between Pierce and UCLA and Valley College and UCLA, they both state that this English 203 course satisfies the foreign language in translation requirement. Since I am applying from Pierce College I wanted to make sure that I can use Valley's English 203 course to satisfy Pierce's English 203 course. My counselors said it should be fine, but I wanted to double check.</p>


<p>Yes, but you would still need at least a year of foriegn language and should probably take World Lit II as well. UCLA is cool but personally I wouldn't spend that much money for a English major. You could get in and out faster with a significantly less burden of debt if attended CSUN. They have a very strong and highly regarded English department.</p>