UCLA transfer student. What are my odds?

What do you guys think my shot at acceptance is…

-California community college student
-4.0 GPA with over 80 credits (I was an aerospace engineer major and switched to business economics last minute so this is why I have so many extra credits)
-EC’s are somewhat lacking, however I actively participated in honors club, and was involved in mesa, as well as FBLA. (Explanation for why they are lacking below)

  • Worked part time during the spring and fall semesters, while working full time during summer and winter.
    -I only took 12-15 units a semester. For the most part I took only 12. This was due to my mom being sick with cancer, and considering my parents are divorced, I was the only one living with her. Because of this, I spent an enormous amount of time taking care of her. Her health was very unstable, and at a moments notice could take a turn for the worse. Basically, I had to spend A LOT of time with her in case something went wrong. I was the one to drive her to doctors appointments, make her food, bring her medication, and be there to make the end of her life as bearable as possible. She was miserable, and I was her entire world, so it was my job to be there for her night and day and make her as happy as I possibly could. This is also why my extra curricular a were lacking.
    -Another reason for my lacking EC’s is because I was in the process of starting a business. Unfortunately at the time of application, all I could truthfully say was that I was working on starting a business, however it was still a work in progress then. Shortly after applying everything took off, and I’m now officially in business. After being incorporated for about three months, I’ve gotten my product into 20 stores (who are consistently reordering), with many more stores that I’m working out deals with. I just landed a distribution deal as well which is going to really help my company expand. Would’ve been nice to have been able to mention all that on the application, but oh well.
    -My personal statement was what I believe to be fairly strong. It was read over by a ucla representative involved in the transfer process and they said it was very strong, so hopefully they weren’t just being nice. Anyways, the statement discussed how I used to be a mediocre high school student lacking the drive one needs for success. I didn’t apply myself, and consequently, my grades reflected this. Just after graduating high school, my mom was diagnosed with cholangeocarcinoma, and was given a prognosis of six months. I was devastated, but realized all I could do was show my mom that I have what it takes to succeed. I turned my life around, and made my schooling a priority. I wanted her to pass away knowing I would go on to make something of myself. Thankfully, I was given almost two years with her, and she was able to see me transform from a careless high school student, into a dedicated college student with many goals and aspirations. Obviously much more content and thought went into the essay, but this was just a brief summary of the key points.

So…what do you guys think? Personally, I’d think I have a pretty good shot, but I’m worried my lacking EC’s, as well as a lower course load is going to hinder my chances. I’m hoping that given my circumstances (full time caretaker, starting a business, working) they will understand why these areas are lacking. I noted within my application the reasoning for these weaknesses, and really hope it’s enough for them.

I guess it’s help to mention that my major is business economics. Apparently, 25% of the applicants have a 4.0 GPA, and 4.0 is the 75th percentile. Admit rate is 12%. Based on last years admissions numbers, the average accepted GPA was 3.95. This would mean 6% of students were admitted with a GPA of 3.9, and 6% of students were admitted with a 4.0 (obviously the numbers aren’t quite this clean or simple). Theoretically, this means that of the 25% of students with 4.0 GPAS, only 6 percent are accepted. Does this seem right?

You’re getting in for sure! Decisions will be out today at 5PM