UCLA Transfer Waitlist Thread 2021

Hey guys made a waitlist thread for fall 21



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same here y’all

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spain without the s i hate crying


im gonna start writing my essay tonight and have my friends who go to ucla and uc davis look it over lol

My portal does not explicitly say that I got waitlisted but at bottom of the page I have the option to choose the waitlist. I’m confused. did everyone get waitlisted?

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So with being waitlisted do you have to write an essay? It just says to put grades so I’m confused, like what do we write about lol

yea, i’m not sure what to write about too. i got grades for spring already since i took it for an 8 week session and it’s a major prep class so maybe i could list it? idkkkk

the way my spring grades are kinda ■■■■ so I’m like great…now they have an even greater reason to reject me lol

Wait… we have to write an essay? about what?

they say its optional so I don’t really know if I should even write one /:

i just updated my grades because im on the quarter system and then i wrote a few sentences about why i wanted to transfer from ucsb

does anyone know when the waitlist decisions came out last year?

they’ll come out after june 1st bc that’s when they’ll officially know how many kids sir’d to ucla

but i dont think they come out on one particular day, its more of a case by case basis type thing

so admissions can be rolling?

it’ll basically be rolling as ppl drop their acceptances from ucla after june 1st

Hi besties!! I was reading the waitlist thread from last year so it’s giving me a bit of hope. ALSO its kinda weird how most of them didnt even get an email abt their acceptance so that’s scary bc we only have 3 days to respond

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notice how all of the lit people from the ucla transfer thread are here :smirk: