UCLA Transfer Waitlist

Okay, so I got waitlisted at UCLA as a transfer student. To be completely honest, I am so shocked and honestly happy because I thought I would get completely rejected because I got into UCSB but waitlisted at UCI.

Major: Economics

GPA: 3.88 (3.81 after TAU). Once I add my Winter course it will be a 3.82.

I am going to opt in, and I really hope I am able to get in. It says I need to include my Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 grades, and Spring 2021 coursework. It also says to include anything I want to add. What should I add? I recently got a job as a Census PES Enumerator and I start training in May. Should I include this in the additional information section? Please let me know what else I should add. Anything helps!

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I’m really confused ab this too lol like I worked at a tax prep office as a receptionist for 4 months so i got a lot of experience there is that smth i should write

Im not writing anything extra. It’s additional info for a reason. If you don’t have anything meaningful to add it’s better not to waste their time.

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I am on the waitlist for UCLA transfer. I am a non-traditional student with credits from other four-year university in Hong Kong.
CC GPA: 4.0
major: Econ
previous university GPA: 3.34
I had studied there for one year and courses I took were all lower-division courses. I don’t know how many of them will transfer (but grades at that university are highly " deflationary", I find a report on the official website of that university, and it says only top 15% students will get 3.3 GPA, while in CCC, 3.3 is a low GPA) I knew it would hurt me a lot when I filled out the UC application, but at that time I did not explain it because I didn’t want UC to think that I am a student who tries to find some excuses.
Do you think my admission decision is related to my “bad” GPA in my previous university, and maybe I should include some explanations in the additional information part?

Hi, do u guys have any idea when’s the waitlisted decisions come out?

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Has anyone gotten off the waitlist?

Are TAP certified?

Rejected from waitlist on 7/30

Will be going to UCSB this Fall 2021.