UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly..What are my chances? Any comments would be extremely valuabe

<p>I am currently a Junior at a small high school in Northern California out in the middle of nowhere. (Susanville, CA)
Here's grade information:
4.0 All Freshman year (0 AP classes)
4.0 All Sophomore year (0 AP classes)
4.5 All Junior year (One week of school left, finals will be a breeze) (3 AP classes)
?? Then I have my senior year coming up, which I should be able to make a 4.8 (Will be taking 4 AP classes)
*My school only offers 8 AP classes total
I am within the top 10% of my class (Out of 200) Ranked #2 right now but next year I plan to bump up to #1 and be the valedictorian for my class.</p>

<p>My SAT Composite is 1700 (590 Math, 550 Reading, 560 Writing) This was my first time taking the test, I did not study but will be taking it again this summer and in fall, this time I am actually studying so my score should improve.</p>

4 years of FBLA (I am club President for the 2014-2015 year)
2 years of CSF
4 years of Football, 2 years of varsity
2 Years of Track and Field
Link Crew Leader (Organizing freshman orientation and tutoring)
Will be attending Boys' State Summer Camp this summer
Gold Beach summer football team camp for 2 years
*I am currently working on community service hours, I don't have impressive numbers only about 13 this semester
My school has very few clubs...</p>

Student of the year award (8th grade, does that count?)
Academic achievement awards in: Physics, AP Chemistry, Honors English, Foreign Language
MVP award for best lineman JV Football
4th place in Marketing at the CaFBLA north regional competition, qualified and attended the State Conference.</p>

<p>I am not sure if colleges will consider me considering that I am a minority as well as the circumstances I am in.
I am mexican, I am an ex-foster child, my parents are divorced, my dad is currently in prison, my mom is unemployed living off welfare trying to support 5 children. Parents income is definitely below 10,000 a year. However, through all these struggles I am able to do good in school and I was wondering if they will consider this?</p>

<p>Thank you so much for any comments! I appreciate it so much :)
Also, ask me any questions? I can inform you on anything I might of left out...</p>

<p>Your scores are too low for any of the UC’s. You may be able to get into Cal Poly but they are also extremely competitive. Continue trying to increase your score to, at least a 2000. </p>

<p>So by scores you just mean SAT correct? </p>

<p>yes, the schools regard GPA and SAT first, and they should match somewhat. </p>

<p>I’d expect you to get into at least UCI. I’ve known for people to get into UCB with scores of approximately 2000. You won’t need a 2400, but people are right in that you should aim higher. 1700 without any prep isn’t bad though. study for it seriously and you should do just fine. </p>

<p>With your GPA and scores at the moment. Major??? Engineering/STEM??
UCI/Cal Poly SLO: High Match/Low Reach
If you can get your SAT up to 2000, you would be Matches for UCI/Cal Poly SLO. Just an FYI: Cal Poly SLO prefers ACT over SAT, so you might want to consider taking the ACT and see if you do better.
Make sure you include at least 2 safeties on your list. </p>