UCLA, UCB, Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Harvey Mudd, USC, UCSB, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO

Please chance white female from one the top 20 most challenging school in US for UCLA, UCB, Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Harvey Mudd, USC, UCSB, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO Electrical Engineering / Computer science major.
UC GPA capped 4.32 uncapped 4.73
Un-weighted UPA 3.92, weighted 4.8
SAT 2300 (CR 780,M 750,W770)in one sitting
ACT 32(E34,M29,R33) in one sitting sophomore year
SAT Math 2 720 (retaking in June and also take SAT Physics)
I was competitive athlete for 8 years, placed in the region and in the nation. Had to retire this year due to an injury.
President of 2 clubs, Secretary of NHS, VP of Acadeca, member of Science Bowl team, successfully competed in Speech and Debate this year since I had more time after I retired from sport.
I have been working 15 hours per week as a freelancer for a year now.
Have pending patent application for my invention.
Will be doing research this summer (one of the top summer research programs) and Engineering program at USC.
Will be graduating with 15 APs.

What is your freelance work? What do you want to study?

@jaxson It is sort of unrelated to my major. I do web galleries for one news website. I want to study EE/ CS.

Grades are create (increase SAT2 though). Very short on ECs…

@sapavitz As a competitive athlete for 8 years I was spending at least 20 hours per week in training. Nothing I can do about this now.

Does my sport EC looks like complete waste of time now when I had to retire due to the injury? I competed in Junior Olympics as part of the regional team for 3 years.

Oh junior Olympics??? I didn’t see that! That’s very very impressive! And no it’s not a waste… It was an injury!

Please chance me.

Pretty sure in in all but ivies and ivy equivalent. You’ll probably get in 3+ of your list, I’d think. The injury is a real shame or you may have gotten recruit. Nonetheless, it is a nice EC and shows passion. Decent chance in all

Impressive! Your chances are definitely above average. I’m pretty sure you’ll get into at least 7 or 8 of the schools you’ve listed.

You’ll get into UCB and Cal Poly for sure.
The others are hard for everyone. It seems like you have a lot of clubs, but you should focus on one or two to show dedication.
Don’t send that ACT score because its below average to many of the schools you listed. (Average for MIT is 33-34)

For Harvey Mudd College Student Profile 2018 SAT CR 670 - 770 Math 740 - 800 Writing 680 - 760 SAT Math 2 760 - 800 ACT 33 - 35 I think you will still have chance. Good Luck!

@bambi0611 I have SAT score of 2300 (780 CR,750M,770w). I don’t plan to send my ACT scores to schools that don’t require all scores. And I am retaking math 2 next week.

You have a very good shot at every school on your list.

UCSB and SLO are good safeties for you, and UCLA, UCB, USC, UCSD are pretty good matches. really cant say for the rest bc i didnt apply to those schools, but i would say that they are possible.

I applied to a lot of those schools this year, engineering is super competitive, but I think you have a good chance at getting into a few. Message me if you have any questions!

I looked at a great website called Prepscholar, which tells you all you need about your schools.
With your high GPA, high SAT’s almost all of those schools are possible with some definites. I think you’d have a good chance at Harvard. If I were you i’d apply to:
Reach; Harvard, Caltech Stanford
Match: UCB, UCLA, Harvey Mudd
Safety: USC, UCSB, Cal Poly SLO

For EECS the rankings are much different than for the schools overall.

Berkeley EECS is much harder to get into than most majors and is one of the top 3 EECS schools (with Stanford and MIT).

Meanwhile Harvard is expanding its engineering and Yale wants more STEM majors, and both like athletes. So you’ve got a higher than average chance there.


Reach: Berkeley, Stanford, Cal Tech
Slight reach: Harvard, Yale, Princeton
Match: Mudd, UCLA
Safety: USC, UCSB, SLO