Ucla= Ucb?

<p>if you get into UCLA, what are the chances you'll get into berkeley too? is it that much of a difference?</p>

<p>Traditionally UC Berkeley was slightly more competitive in terms of numbers than UCLA. That may be changing. At my son's school last year almost all of the students who were accepted by UCB were also accepted by UCLA and visa-versa, but two students who were rejected by UCLA were accepted by Berkeley. Berkeley admissions is a bit more "holistic".</p>

<p>This year UCLA had approximately 56,000 applicants, the most in the United States. In past years UCLA accepted approximately 17,000 of its applicants. I was told this week by a member of a UCLA Alumni Scholarship committee that this year (2008) UCLA will only accept slightly over 10,000 students with a goal of having a freshman class of about 4,500 students. He said that the reason for the extreme drop in acceptances this year is that last year a much higher percentage of students accepted by UCLA elected to attend than in prior years. As of the date of this reply, UCB has not sent out its acceptances/rejections. UCLA sent out its results on Wednesday. At my son's school it seems that GPA was the most important factor. None of my son's friends with under a 3.80 unweighted or under 2100 SAT Is got in, although I'm sure that there are many students at other high schools who did get in with lower numbers based on their overall records.</p>

<p>I don't believe that UCLA's graduate departments will EVER catch up to UCB's world class graduate schools.</p>

<p>radombetch, it's not important what you believe. it's important what the world scientific community believes. fact is, these things can be very subjective and in flux.</p>