UCLA/UCSD Requirements?

For any of the UCs, are counselor or teacher recs required? I think it may be too late to ask for them, so if this is the case, then I cannot apply. Also, does the same hold true for Northwestern and Boston University? And lastly, how do you get accpeted into Boston U’s 6 year medical program? Are these Colleges going to be reaches for me? THANKS!

SAT: 1330 (retook Oct. 9th)
GPA: 3.92 W 3.500 UW
Ethnicity: Asian Indian
Decent Extracurriculars
SAT II in November

<p>UC applications are submitted by the end of November, and no recommendations are required. The deadline for BU's accelerated 7 year med program is December 1, and SAT IIs in chemistry, writing, and math IIc must be submitted in addition to the SAT or ACT. You'll have to take those three SAT IIs in November and rush the scores to be considered. I don't know about Northwestern, but the requirements and deadline may be similar.</p>


<p>UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
BU: Match
Northwestern: Reach</p>