ucla, umich, berkeley

<p>hey guys. i was just wondering what you ccers thought about my chances at ucla, umich, berkeley, upenn, boston university and northeastern.</p>

<p>1480 sat
3.6 gpa
top 10% of my class
240 hours of volunteer work
one club for four years and track team for two years</p>

<p>im looking at northeastern as my safety; you guys think thats a good idea?</p>

<p>thanks everybody</p>

<p>are you in state for the UCs?</p>

<p>nope unfortunately im out of state... i kno thatll significantly hurt my chances</p>


<p>UCLA: Slight Reach (out of state)
UCB: Slight Reach (out of state)
UPenn: Slight Reach
Michigan: Match
BU: Safe Match
Northeastern: Safety</p>


<p>I say apply to U MICH right now, they have rolling admissions, and spaces get taken, it's a match in my opinion.</p>

<p>Here's my 2 cents about your chances:</p>

U of Penn...Reach (ED)
Michigan...Match (If you apply now!)
Penn State...Match/Safety (If you apply now!)
Northeastern...Safety (Unless you need a lot of financial aid!)</p>

<p>I'd drop Notheastern, and add a few of these: UWisconsin, UIllinois-UC, IU-Bloomington, UWashington, UTexas-Austin, and/or UMaryland, since you like universities. </p>

<p>Not too sure if you meant UPenn or Penn State, so I gave chances to both schools. Anyhow, it just my humble opinion. Hope this is of use.</p>