UCLA vs Columbia vs Cornell ( MS Chemical Engineering)

Hi everyone,
I was admitted to UCLA, Columbia, and Cornell for MSc in chemical engineering.
My scholarship covers all housing and tuition expenses therefore that is not a deciding factor.
It is a requirement in UCLA and Cornell to complete an MS thesis but in Columbia it is optional. My goal is to attend PhD school after finishing my MSc, therefore I will write the MS thesis.

Which of the three universities do you think I should select?

Thank you

First, congratulations on an excellent set of acceptances and for having such a wonderful “problem”.

In my opinion, Cornell is hands down, the best on that list. Then Columbia, while UCLA comes in last. However, it also depends on whether you are doing a thesis masters, in which case you also need to see which of the three has the larger number of faculty in your particular area of interest.

In general, while Cornell is the best, it can’t beat Columbia for location. However, you may not have enough time as a grad student, so perhaps not being in NYC may be a better choice.

Congrats again, and good luck wherever you end up!

Congratulations on your acceptances!

I’m curious why you decided to get a masters rather than going straight into a PhD program.

I was also curious about that.

Thanks, I did not think I could get into the PhD program so I applied for a masters program instead. ( Barely have any research experience)

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