UCLA vs UMich vs Barnard for transfer

Hi everyone! I’m a transfer student this year and got into UCLA UMich and Barnard. I’m still waiting on other schools, but UMich needs a deposit before May 13, so I hope to get some opinions.

Background: international student from a mid-tier UC, costs isn’t that big of issue, hope to major in CS


  • good weather and location

  • Comparatively lower costs (45k a year)

  • good overall reputation and prestige

  • I’m from a UC so most of my credits can transfer there


  • I got in as a math major and can’t switch to CS. I can only switch to CS&ling major but that sounds okay

  • big public school. I kinda hope to be in a smaller school with smaller class sizes



  • stronger STEM program, especially engineering.

  • got in LSA so I can declare any major

  • smaller class sizes (compare to UCLA)


  • cold weather and comparatively less ideal location ( Ann Arbor vs LA or NYC)

  • still a huge school



  • It’s a LAC so any major I want

  • relationship to Columbia with solid STEM courses

  • I love NYC and close to companies

  • small college (<3000 students)


  • not as well known as the other two especially for STEM major

  • more expensive than the other two

I’m very grateful for the opportunity I have to choose from these wonderful colleges. I’m currently Barnard> UCLA > UMich but hope to have some second opinion!

If cost truly isn’t an issue, it sounds like Barnard has what you want. Congrats!!


Where does your current school fit in? (Are you in the CS major there?)

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Hi, I am currently at UCSB studying CS. I am set on transferring, but not sure which school.

Thank you! I am just worried that Barnard isn’t that big of a name in the tech industry relative to UMich and UCLA.

Barnard has an strong reputation and career center plus a President that is very active and promotes STEM.

An important thing to remember is Barnard DOES NOT guarantee housing for transfers at any point, so you may have additional expenses with the need to find a private apartment share.


Yes, but your degree is from both Barnard AND Columbia. With Columbia on your resume, I don’t think you’ll have any problem.

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It would seem unfair to hold this against Barnard.

Which year are you allowed to transfer? Is it sophomore year or junior year?

For UCLA, you have to be a Junior level transfer.

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Got it, thanks much!!!