UCLA vs UMich

So I recently got off the waitlist and into UCLA
before that I was planning on going to UMich…I have an undeclared major in social sciences
Academically, I know they’re pretty much the same…but in terms of social life and general happiness, which college is better? how is westwood compared to ann arbor? are there more attractive guys at UCLA or Umich?

these are very trivial things…I know but they’re small factors that will help make my decision.

thanks :slight_smile:

“I have an undeclared major in social sciences”

At Michigan, you will be free to choose any major within LSA. Is that the case at UCLA?

“…but in terms of social life and general happiness, which college is better?”

That would depend greatly on you personally. Each person is difference. Some may love one of those schools but only tolerate the other. Both are great options socially, but it really depends on personal preference.

"how is westwood compared to ann arbor?

Westwood is a suburb of LA. It is upscale and nice, but does not feel particularly collegiate. Ann Arbor is a mid-sized, stand-alone college town. Again, both are nice, but in their own way.

“…are there more attractive guys at UCLA or Umich?”

Hehe! I suppose that is a valid concern. It depends on your definition of “attractive”. UCLA is likely to have a greater variety of “ethnic/minority” male students while Michigan is likely to have more white male students. What sort of men do you find attractive? With 28,000 undergraduate students, 14,000 of which are male, you are not going to have a shortage of dating options, not matter what “type” you like! :wink:

More Asians at UCLA vs more Caucasians at Michigan. So depends on your preferences.

It depends on what type of environment you want to be in. UCLA is in the middle of California in a suburb of Los Angeles. Ann Arbor is your typical college town.

I wouldn’t consider UCLA suburb, not urban like USC but pretty close. However, it’s in a nice area.

“Ann Arbor is your typical college town.”

If only all college towns were as nice as Ann Arbor. A2 is hardly, “typical.”

Ann Arbor is rated one of the top college towns in the country. It is not typical at all and in fact, it is very hard to find another town that is even considered close to Ann Arbor.

As a Michigan alumnus, I have to say Michigan men are definitely more attractive.:slight_smile:

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Net price at each?

Is transfer credit for the courses you already took (particularly for the majors you are interested in) better at one than another?

I suppose you will want to consider Michigan weather compared to Southern California. Michigan will have cold, snow, clouds. If you aren’t used to the midwest, that could be a concern.

Air quality in Ann Arbor is much better, except, perhaps, for allergy season. There are no smog days. During the school year, highs rarely above 80 (with humidity) and typical lows in winter are in the 20’s. AA gets about 60 inches of snow each year but less than half of that typically accumulates, Lots of students sled or cross-country ski in the arboretum or local golf courses. The campus is very accessible and integrated with the town -food pricing is oriented toward student budgets and restaurant quality is excellent. Students get free transportation on the local “the ride” bus system which goes around Ann Arbor (mall, grocery stores) and to Ypsilanti. There are also zipcar lots around the campus. There is a separate university bus system running between the Central, North (engineering/music), athletic, and medical campuses which runs every 5-10 min during the day, less frequently at night. There is also a bus to and from the airport 30 min away (Michigan Flyer) which most students use - it’s cheaper than supper shuttle.

Ann Arbor is very safe, and there is a cheap night ride service if you don’t want to walk. If you drive, traffic is very light compared to LA. People measure distance in miles not minutes. There are also great cycling trails, and canoeing / kayaking on the Huron river, golfing on the city and university courses, beautiful gardens and outdoor performances in the arb. Lots of water with lakes all around the area and the great lakes 45 mi away.

If you are in Social Sciences you will likely be entirely on central campus (good!) unless you are in one of the north campus dorms.

There are more events in Ann Arbor on any given day then the rest of the Detroit area combined. Sports facilities are really great and the University recently spent $150 million upgrading stadiums, club sport fields, and is renovating the student rec buildings. LA has far more events, but how many are a 10 min walk away?

As far as guys, SoCal has its own look. USC has a great film school, so draw your own conclusions. Michigan has a great performing arts program, but it is oriented east not west. You won’t find much, if any plastic surgery in AA, and most students are fit but not cut. Dress is uniformly jeans and T-shirts except for interviews and presentations. There are fewer Asians at Michigan than the California schools and the average skin color is brown(ish) and hair is black. Ann Arbor has more ‘normal’ looking people. People tend to hibernate in the winter going from dorm/apt to class and spend most of their time inside.

It all depends which you like better. Most students rave about their experience in Ann Arbor.

disclosure: MI alum.

Hi! I was also admitted to UCLA and Michigan this year! It was a really tough choice but I have decided to attend UCLA! Feel free to ask me any questions! Good luck and go bruins!!!

@TooOld4School really??? “there are fewer Asians at Michigan than the California schools and the average skin color is brown(ish) and hair is black. Ann Arbor has more “normal” looking people.” It’s people like you that should not being giving any advice!!! I would love to see a picture of a “normal looking person”

I think post #10 is confused. This is UCLA and not USC.

I think post #10 should not post on public sights since obviously they do not know what “normal” people look like!!!

Post #14, people can tell post #10 is not normal as in don’t pay too much attention to.

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Both are world-class public Ivies.

Hey I know this is really old, but why did you choose ucla over Michigan? I’m struggling to make that choice right now. Any advice helps!