UCM transfer admission decisions?

Has anyone that applied for Fall 2018 admission to UC Merced received a decision yet?

Nothing yet

Haven’t received anything yet.

Yes. I got it 10 days back.

I’m waiting as well…

Anybody get a decision yet? Mine is still “under review”

Anyone’s admission decision say error? For some reason under the admission decision portion it says error loading…

@hawaiiangirl Mine did for a while, back to “under review”

I got accepted yesterday around 2-3pm. Two days after I got the error thing on the portal

accepted today, checked around 3:10pm.

public health major
3.46 gpa, only ec’s from high school, essays were so-so

i had an upward trend in my gpa, i had a 2.6 at one point. finished igetc req and major pre-reqs in the fall of 2017.
good luck to anyone else still waiting, this has been a pretty dead thread lol.

still waiting for uci (tag) and ucsd.