UCM Transfer Fall 2019

Hey guys,
Seeing as UC apps were due recently, I thought I’d start this thread for any students that applied to Transfer to UCM for Fall 2019.
Feel free to post your stats, any worries you might have, or questions about the application process.
I’ll get the ball rolling:

Major: BioChem
GPA: 3.8
Prerequisites: All finished by Spring 2019
IGETC: Completed
EC’s: Mostly pre-med stuff (i.e. volunteering at a local hospital, being part of the pre-med club on campus, etc.)

Admitted 3/15 for Human Bio!

Congrats, @BBoy99. A truly good school.

@Flournoy_Parent Thank you!

Accepted today, 4/1!

Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.92
Prerequisites: All finished by Spring 2019
IGETC: I am out of state so no.
EC’s: Student government and extensive work experience in my field.

I have to wait on the financial aid package to see if it is a viable choice for me. I should quality for the WUE discount tuition (HUGE savings being OOS) and I am hoping to receive the Regents Scholarship to help cover the rest. Good luck to everyone else still waiting! :smile:

Accepted Today
Major: CS+Eng, Got in for second choice major, Applied Math with CS Emphasis
GPA: 3.59
Accepted: UCM, UCR, SJSU, Cal Poly Pomona
Rejected: Cal Poly SLO