UConn 2023 Waitlist

Hi All,

I was really disappointed to hear that I was waitlisted at UConn last month. I applied as a Marketing major, and really think I got waitlisted because of my class rank (my class is the most competitive that my school has ever seen). Here are my stats below:

GPA: 3.75 (mostly honors and AP courses)
ACT: 30
SAT: 1340
Class rank: 63/275
So many extracurriculars with leadership roles, won state and international awards in business competitions (DECA), Class officer, NHS, National Business honor society, so much more. Three sport athlete as well
Essay and rec letters were great too.

I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to share their stats/selected major, as we all anxiously wait for the final verdicts together.

Those are very good stats. I did hear that the school of business was very competitive.

Just curious. How does anyone know if their rec letters were good or bad? Aren’t you not supposed to see them?

I was waitlisted for storrs and notified I was accepted today!

Congrats fluffj23, that’s awesome!! Mind sharing your stats? Major, gpa, sat, extra curriculars, contact with admissions, etc? Thanks!

Anyone got off the waitlist? Do they sti consider applicants?