Uconn 2025

Instate CT . Waiting for decisions. Please post here w stats and decisions.
Good Luck All

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Anyone know when decisions are going to come out?

March 1 is Decision Day at UCONN. My son is trying out for the BFA in Acting Program. I heard they sometimes call kids a week or 2 after their audition, but everyone finds out on March 1 regardless of the program

Welp, my son just finished his BFA in Acting audition at UCONN. We are so nervous for him. Now it’s a waiting game.

March 1 seems like a long time to wait! Have a feeling UConn won’t be daughter’s school as we live in Mass and she’s already been accepted to UMass Amherst. Comparable schools but I am sure the merit at UConn can’t compare to in state tuition. Still, UConn a great school and we enjoyed the tour.

Depending on stats, it can. UCONN, URI, UD, plus privates like Scranton and Quinnipiac gave Dd19 enough to match in state (NJ). So far, Temple and UMASS gave dd21 enough to bring in down to in state ($18,000 a year). Public colleges give more to those OOS (Rutgers gave Dd19 $5000 a year).

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does anyone know when RD decisions come out?

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@Mjkacmom, good to know, thanks! :grinning:

Anyone hear yet from UCONN? I heard they called some BFA in Acting kids early last year. My son auditioned last weekend. Nothing yet.

March 1 is Decision Day

My portal only shows my Transcript and Scores and fee as received. It doesn’t show my recommendation letters. Does anyone’s portal list recommendation letters?

Do all decisions come out March 1 or do they start being released March first and continue through the beginning of the month?

all at once mar1…

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Am I the only one constantly checking this forum? I live in-state and have been anxiously awaiting March 1st. I applied for nursing.


No reason to check constantly. Decisions will not be released until Mar 1.

Decisions will be released starting March 1st as per their website…

it only shows my transcript (I didn’t submit scores)

If you uploaded a resume, does that show up? I attached it to my common app for UConn, but it doesn’t show up on my application check list.

Do you think it is worth it at this point (with only two weeks from decision date) to send an update of recent accomplishments that have occurred since applying several months ago? Is it moot at this point assuming decisions have probably already been made? Or do you think they are still finalizing? Interested in perspectives.

I think if you have something very significant to report, like a national award or a significantly higher test score, then yes. Otherwise I personally would not.

Agree with PH. About 2 weeks ago my daughter received a Gold Key for her art work which apparently is a pretty big honor. She let the colleges she still hasn’t heard from know. Most responded back favorably. Although to your point, have no idea if decisions at UConn already made or not. If it was a significant honor then seems like it can’t really hurt and can only help!