UCONN 2026 Admissions

UConn 2026 Admissions - what is the earliest they send out acceptances?

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I don’t think until late Feb at earliest. Even if you applied priority.


The website says March 1 but in recent years it’s been a few days earlier. Sucks they don’t have Early Action/Decision.


Also, does anyone know what time of day UConn released decisions last year?

When my son who graduated in 2020 got his response, it was a few days before March 1st in the evening—like around 5/6:00. Not sure abt last year.

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So does it typically come out earlier than the date says on the dates and deadlines page?

Not sure if it’s a pattern or not. You’d have to go back and read threads from previous years.

Just passing time waiting for a decision. I logged into the student admin page for UConn and was able to search for classes for fall 2022 under the Manage Classes tab.
Also looks like I am able to set up direct deposit under the Bursar services tab
and can Request GA Payroll Deduction for spring of 2022. :roll_eyes:

Anybody else?

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It looks like the date for acceptances was February 27th last year.

Yes, I was able to do the same. I wonder if everyone can do this?

In the Portal? Not sure. However, I wouldn’t think many hints of acceptance come this early

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I would agree

I just tried that too and it worked. Not sure if that’s like the cheat around the decision because it seems extremely early to tell. Also, why is this thread so dead compared to other college forums?

I wondered the same thing. I think it may be because decisions will not come out prior to very end of February, early March. Which is crazy in itself!

Does UCONN historically release all decisions at once or are there waves?

Kinda wavey I read. Also, they tend to come before March 1. Last year, it was February 27 when it was supposed to be March 1. Also, pay attention to UConn’s social media as they normally give a teaser that it’s coming out within a few days. Most decisions come at the same time, however.

In about 2 weeks from now, we will have known our decisions! Remember: it can be earlier, like it was last year. Make sure to keep this thread alive and well with any updates, questions, really anything worth noting!

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I’m hoping for 2/25 :slight_smile: My daughter called her AO yesterday to talk and didn’t ask her when they would come out. That would have been my first question!!!

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It came out on the last Saturday of February last year. My guess is the 26th this year but hope for earlier. It will be around 8 PM decision night

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Hi everyone! I’m a senior Pharmacy major at UConn. I’ve been an RA at UConn for 3 years now so if you ever have any housing questions, let me know!

I decided to come to check UConn College Confidential since I used this site when I was a senior in high school and it helped me out a lot, so I want to give back to others :slightly_smiling_face:

When I applied Fall 2017, decisions were released March 1st, 2018 (at least that’s when I saw my decision). I’ve seen that in the recent years, they have come slightly earlier (like February 27th or 28th). I’ve heard of students getting their decisions at around 8pm. But it varies every year so it could be different this year! But also keep in mind that it can take longer. If it takes longer, reach out to the admissions office so they can see what’s going on.

Best of luck to everyone! I promise you that everything will work out in the end, no matter what happens <3

If you ever have any questions or need advice, feel free to reach out to me! I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: