UCONN admission decision date

<p>Hey guys. I know the Jan. 15 deadline just passed, but when does notification start? I submitted everything in November. So will I hear earlier in the process or is it all one date.</p>

<p>All I could find on the website is March 1st. </p>

<p>[Freshman</a> Admissions | Undergraduate Admissions](<a href=“http://admissions.uconn.edu/content/freshman]Freshman”>http://admissions.uconn.edu/content/freshman)</p>

<p>ugh march 1st seems so far away! i applied in October and the wait is killing me</p>

<p>I know a person who had their status change today as a high school senior applicant. (Jealous since I am a transfer applicant waiting patiently as well.)</p>

<p>admissions decisions have been released online!</p>

<p>My DS got in!!!</p>

<p>@confusedmom, Congrats to your DS. Nothing for my son, yet.</p>

<p>Nothing on mine :frowning:
Applied in October</p>

<p>Michella- How frustrating. My DS applied in December.</p>

<p>carj - Thanks. hope you get good news soon!</p>

<p>It’ll come when it comes. Hopefully it’s good news.
Congrats to you :)</p>

<p>Got mine!! Applied late December</p>

<p>For those who were accepted, what is the intended major/which school was he/she accepted into?</p>

<p>two of my friends were accepted today. Who come some people hear back so early? Did they apply to some certain school or program?</p>

<p>My DS got in for Mechanical Engineering.</p>

<p>Accepted!!! My application was complete in mid-October. I got into ACES.
4.39 UW GPA
28 ACT (superscore)
9/173 Rank</p>

<p>I applied to the business school for finance</p>

<p>My D applied on October 28th and the acceptance letter was in the mail in Maryland today! This is my daughter’s first choice school so she was thrilled to get the admissions decision early! We should have known something was up when she received a call from a pharmacy student last night asking if she had any questions! Does anyone know if the scholarship information is sent separately? There was no mention of any kind of scholarship in her acceptance letter…</p>

<p>Scholarship info was included in my acceptance letter (Academic Excellence) but I know there are all different ones so that may not be the case for every scholarship.</p>

<p>Son was accepted into ACES yesterday, joining his older brother who is senior there. Although, I do believe he will choose different school to attend as he has decided to study a program not offered at Uconn.</p>

<p>@kayzeema, I’d like to know that too. My acceptance letter didn’t mention scholarship money at all. I hope I got something! On the other hand, their acceptance package was very boring LOL.</p>