UConn, BC, Cornell, Counselor freaking me out!


<p>I'm looking at schools now. So far, my school choices are all over the map. I really want to go to Cornell, but even if I get in I don't know if I'll be able to pay for it. I also love UConn and BC. </p>

<p>Cornell, I know is a lesser of the Ivy's, but it is still an Ivy!</p>

<p>Two kids from my high school went to UConn and one went to BC. I visited both and LOVED the campuses. I haven't been to Cornell yet. My guidance counselor said that I should have some fall back schools. Cornell will be a stretch, like 1 in 20. She said UConn and BC are like 1 in 5 chance.</p>

<p>My parents make too much to have me have a lot of financial aid, but not enough to pay for everything. So UConn might be the number one after all.</p>

<p>Any insight in how admissions are looking at these schools right now? My counselor freaked me out and claimed that at some conference she heard that UConn is denying a ton of people who are choosing it because of $'s. I'm really really intent on attending one of these schools, so any up to date information is appreciated!!</p>

<p>I think we need to know some information about you before we can really ... gauge your chances at these schools.
GPA, scores, extracurriculars, etc.</p>

<p>Don't worry. Last year, people were saying there was only 1 spot for every 10 applicants at state school x, and the acceptance rate turned out to be 66%. People talk.</p>