UCONN Class of 2024 - Engineering


I wanted to make this forum for students that applied to the School of Engineering at UCONN Storrs. I applied for Chemical Engineering In-state and got in!

My daughter is in state and got in as well. Engineering undecided though. I think she had Electrical Engineering as her second choice.

@jmsstb I kind of want to change from chemical to electrical, but I’d have time to figure out exactly if I attend

No rush it’s a big decision. She keeps switching back and forth between mechanical, biomedical and now electrical.
What other schools did you get into? My D was accepted at Penn State, Clemson & Maryland(undecided for this school so they aren’t an option). She was deferred at a few others.

@jmsstb CCSU, UHart, UHouston, and SMU as a President’s Finalist. I got deferred from MIT. I’m still waiting to hear back from a bunch of schools though

Good luck with your decision!!

Thanks @jmsstb and best of luck to You and your daughter!

I applied for Computer Science, out of state and got in! I’m super excited.

If you don’t mind what’s your stats ?


ACT - 34 Chem SAT II - 740
GPA - 3.98 UW, 4.29 W
11 APs, DE in Arabic, French, Calc III, DiffyQ
Varsity Cheer / Coaching
Not much STEM ECs except honor societies.
Honorary Science Award, National AP Scholar jr year

Admitted to UCONN for ChemE with President’s Scholarship (~14,000)

Did not attend UCONN, though. Attending SMU as Pres Scholar.